• A Load Of Fun: 4 Tips To Clean And Maintain Your Front Loading Washing Machine

    From washing your kid's clothes to laundering your sheets and towels, it is easy to see the amount of use your washer and dryer get over time. While cleaning and drying your clothes and linens, these appliances are also becoming dirty and worn. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not place much energy into cleaning and maintaining their washer or dry. Considering the average cost of a front load washing machine is between $600 and $1200, protecting this investment with regular maintenance is smart. [Read More]

  • Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For Your Refrigerator And Ice Maker

    Not only do appliances serve basic functions such as cooking, cleaning, and storage, but they also encompass part of your home's value. Due to the importance of these appliances, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential. Cleaning your stove and microwave may be priorities, but you must also focus on your refrigerator and ice maker. Considering that repairing your refrigerator make take 2 to 3 hours of labor plus the cost of parts, maintaining this appliance is key to avoiding expensive repairs. [Read More]