Get The Stink Out Of Your Washer

Posted on: 27 November 2017

It's a great feeling to get out of the shower and wrap yourself in a fresh and clean towel, that is unless your towel stinks like mildew from a stinky washing machine. Your towels may have that foul odor and your clothing may too, which then your skin may begin to smell the same way as well. Start with the source and get your washing machine clean to prevent this from happening to you. See below for tips to get the stinky odor out of your machine: 

Use The Right Detergent

If you are using the wrong type of detergent for your machine, you could end up with bad odors. If your machine is a high-efficiency machine, you need to use high-efficiency detergent as well. Using anything else can lead to the detergent not being washed out of your machine adequately enough and can lead to bad odors as well as a film left inside the washtub of your machine. Look for the "he" label when searching for your detergent. Most brands carry a high-efficiency detergent option, so you should be able to find it with the brand you like to use most.

Open The Door

Keep the door to your machine open when not in use. With top loaders, you should open the lid to allow the inside to dry out thoroughly. Front loaders have an air-tight seal that will prevent the inside from drying out properly if the door is kept closed. Keep the door open when not in use to allow proper air-flow and for your washer to dry out.

Take Clothes Out

As soon as the cycle ends, take your clothing out and put it in the dryer to dry. Leaving your wet clothes in the washing machine for too long can cause mildew to grow and can cause mold to breed inside your machine. You'll quickly ruin your clothing this way, so take your clothes out as quickly as possible. If you aren't able to get your clothes out, don't put a load in until you have the time to wash and dry them.

Clean The Inside

Clean the inside of your washer using vinegar or bleach. Clean the detergent bins, which can accumulate with mold and wipe down the inside rubber seal. Clean around the washtub as well to remove stickers and other debris that may be stuck on. Clean the inside of your machine at least every couple of months to ensure your clothes are getting as clean as possible.

Your washing machine helps to get your clothing and linens clean and fresh smelling. Be sure to take good care of your machine to ensure your clothing and linens are getting clean and to prevent that stinky smell. Contact a washer repair service for more information and assistance.