Residential Dryer Repair — When To Hire A Pro To Look At This Home Appliance

Posted on: 5 June 2023

Dryers are essential household appliances because of how quickly they can dry a load of clothes. Use a professional repair service if yours breaks down in any of the following ways. 

Clothes Always Come Out Wrinkled

When clothes go through a drying cycle, they tumble and receive heat. These actions are critical to reducing wrinkles. If your clothes come out wrinkled even after a thorough dry cycle, you may need to fix something with the dryer. 

You can find out quickly if you use professional appliance repair services from a company. An experienced contractor can inspect the dryer and watch it run in person, seeing what heating issues affect how your clothes come out. 

Wrinkly clothes are typically a sign of poor-performing heating elements. Fortunately, an appliance expert can access them quickly and repair them. If a repair isn't possible, the contractor can replace them with a compatible set. 

Drum Doesn't Move

The drum needs to rotate at fast speeds for your dryer to work. If you can't get it to move after closing the door and locking it in place, hire an appliance repair contractor. They'll check for specific issues, such as a damaged drum belt and worn-down motor. 

It won't take them long to inspect relevant parts and report back to you with what they find. If it is a motor issue, professional repair assistance is necessary because of the motor's complexity. A repair contractor can take it out and break it down, too, if needed. 

Too Much Heat

Although a dryer relies on heat to work correctly, you don't want it to produce too much heat. If it overheats consistently, you may have to deal with damaged clothes and fire hazards. When you realize your dryer gets hotter than it should, contact an appliance repair contractor.

Residential dryers can overheat for several reasons, including airflow blockage, faulty thermostats, and damaged heating elements. An appliance repair contractor will check every relevant component to ensure they execute a proper repair as quickly as possible.

Many homeowners rely on dryers after their clothes go through a wash cycle. If you do too, prepare to deal with dryer issues at some point. If they're severe or hazardous, hire an appliance repair contractor so that you can keep the problem from escalating. A professional can respond quickly and carry out a suitable repair so that you can resume using the dryer without apprehension. 

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