Avoiding Routine Washing Machine Problems

Posted on: 2 September 2018

A washing machine can be one of the largest and most frequently used appliances that you own. However, homeowners will often neglect some of the maintenance that can help to extend the life of their washing machine.

Protect Your Washer From The Effects Of Hard Water

Hard water can be particularly harsh on a washing machine due to the large amounts of water that will flow into the washer during its use. When the hard water leaves mineral deposits behind, this can inhibit the ability of the washer to fill or drain, which can greatly reduce its effectiveness. A water softener is the only option for correcting hard water. In addition to protecting the washer, the water softener will also help to reduce the risk of these problems to all of your plumbing appliances.

Avoid Overloading The Washer

When you are putting your laundry in the washing machine, you will need to take care to avoid overloading it or loading it unevenly. These problems can both contribute to the washer damaging itself as a result of the forces and stresses that this can cause. If you notice the washing machine is rocking or making other loud sounds, you should take a moment to adjust the clothes in it so that the weight is more evenly distributed.

Regularly Check The Supply Line For The Washer

The line that brings water from the plumbing to the washing machine can be a common source of leaks. Sadly, those that rarely inspect this connection may not realize that this damage is occurring. To avoid the need for major water damage repairs as a result of a leaking supply line, you should regularly inspect this line. In particular, you should do this immediately after using the washing machine as this will allow you to easily identify leaking. Often, simply tightening this connection will correct the leaking, but it this fails, you may need to have this line replaced.

Allow The Washer To Air Out Between Uses

After you wash your clothes, the door to the washer should be left open for at least an hour. This will allow any moisture that may still be in the washing machine to dry. Failing to do this can allow sizable amounts of mold, mildew, and fungi to start growing. If you forgot to leave the door open, you may want to sanitize the interior before washing clothes. This will help to prevent molds or other machines from coming into contact with your clothing.

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