Home Renters Should Get That Wildly Shaking Washing Machine Checked Before There's A Flood

Posted on: 17 January 2020

Efficiency isn't the only reason home renters should call at-home appliance repair professionals. Sure, a skilled repair pro can get your washing machine running properly if the problem is fixable. A noisy, shimmering washing machine can be incredibly annoying, so calling in a pro provides a desired and fast solution. A repair pro can do more than "restore order" with the washing machine. He/she can help keep you safe while potentially cutting down problems with the landlord. Ignoring issues with a washing machine or other appliances, however, could lead to a disastrous situation, one that was probably avoidable.

Contracts, Concerns, and Lack Thereof

When renting a home, the renter signs a lease. The lease then addresses the rules and terms of the rental agreement. In the lease, the renter may assume responsibility for any damage incurred due to negligence. Renters could have options to take out an insurance policy, but many don't even explore this option. Therefore, the costs of repairs come out of their wallets in case of a disaster scenario. A conscientious tenant might not worry about these issues. After all, neither he/she nor his/her family treats the property with anything less than the utmost respect. They might not, however, be thinking about that annoying washing machine.

The Shaking Washing Machine

A washing machine might perform its filling, washing, spinning, and rinsing duties well, but whatever secured the washer to the floor isn't working. So, the washer shakes violently and moves when operating. It might do this periodically, which lulls renters into thinking there's nothing of concern. Honestly, such a self-assessment may be a terrible idea. How do you know the washer won't move too much one day and pull the plumbing hoses out of their sockets? A massive flood could occur without warning. And a necessary inspection could have solved the issue.

The Appliance Check-Up and Fix

During an at-home visit, an appliance repair pro can figure out why the washing machine shakes. Perhaps securing it better is all that's necessary. Or, maybe, a worn or damaged part causes the problem and requires replacing. Also, it wouldn't hurt to check the hoses. They may be loose or damaged, the possible effects of the stress from violent shaking. The at-home check and subsequent repair work could prevent a flood or worse from occurring. Massive flooding from the washer could cause thousands of dollars in interior damage. Do you want to be on the hook for those costs? An at-home repair call would be a lot cheaper. If you need professional help, contact a company like Pro Appliance LLC to the right results and ensure your home is in great condition.