4 Situations That Call For Professional Appliance Repair Instead Of DIY

Posted on: 23 November 2021

May homeowners learn more and more about home repair over the years. If you're an experienced homeowner, you may be justified in sometimes completing home repairs yourself rather than calling a professional. But when it comes to appliance repair, you're often best served by calling a pro rather than trying a DIY fix.

Here are some examples of situations that call for professional appliance repair.

1. Electrically hazardous repairs

In some cases, a repair will have to do with the electrical component of your appliance. This could happen if the appliance won't turn on, for example. The appliance may have blown a fuse or there could be a poor electrical connection or some other issue.

However, you shouldn't try to diagnose these types of problems on your own. You can get a very bad electrical shock from some types of appliances that use a transformer or capacitor if you try a DIY repair. And just unplugging an appliance isn't enough to make sure it's safe. In some cases, a microwave can even carry a potentially fatal amount of electricity even after it's unplugged. So you can see why any repairs that involve working with electrical components should be performed by a trained professional.

2. Repairs that have to do with plumbing leaks

In some cases, you may find that a water-using appliance has a small drip coming from one of its hoses. If the drip seems to be coming from a connection, you may be tempted to try a repair by tightening the connection down. However, a leaking connection may have started to drip because of a washer that became brittle over time, and tightening it may not fix the problem. Because plumbing leaks can cause huge amounts of water damage, you should always have these types of issues diagnosed and repaired by a professional.

3. Repairs of appliances that are still in warranty

If your appliance is still covered by a warranty, a DIY repair could actually cause you to lose out on your warranty benefits. Warranties may require you to use specific companies for repairs and maintenance, or at the very least have the repair done by a professional. If you ignore this requirement, you may void your warranty and get no assistance with repair-related expenses.

4. Emergency repairs

If you have an appliance that needs to be fixed right away, such as a heater that breaks down late at night in winter, you may want to try and fix it yourself to avoid the expense of an emergency repair. However, an emergency repair service is more likely to get a tricky repair completed in a short time frame with good success so you can get the appliances your family needs up and running again.

These are some of the situations you may find yourself in that call for a professional repair instead of a DIY one. Get in touch with an appliance repair company like Northshore Appliance Repair Inc today to learn more.